December 21, 2014

Trends: Embellished shoes

I am coming for Christmas!
Today I bring you a post about trends, more specific, embellished shoes or jewel shoes, as you wish.
In this cold Sunday I pretend to show you options or inspirations for your christmas looks,
that must reflect who you are. Some of this shoes have only the heel embellished, others are elegant sandals, black, silver, gold, velvet or more simple and less heavily. You have few shoes that can make you shine in this time of year. Hope you enjoy!
Under the image, like always, I will write the designer and the web where you can buy it.

From top to bottom, and from left to right:
-Dolce & Gabanna (gold sandal) : here
-Dolce & Gabanna (black pumps) : here
-MiuMiu (silver sandals) : here
-Asos (black silver sandal) : here
-MiuMiu (blue sandal) : here
-Dolce & Gabanna (black pumps) : here
-Steve Madden (sandal color) : here
-Charlotte Olympia (black sandal) : here